Sunday, October 02, 2011

False Alarm?

As of Thursday night, I was going to pick up Salinda on Saturday morning. On Friday night she texted me that her bf's mom was going to bring her home on Saturday. At 4 on Saturday she texted that they weren't going to bring her after all that that she didn't know what was going on. I texted back asking if she was packed. Nothing. I texted back telling her that if I was going to be going up there that i needed to leave pretty soon. Nothing. I texted saying if I didn't hear from her by 5:30 that I would assume that she didn't need me to come there. Still nothing. In fact, I've heard nothing since.

I should know better than to get stressed about anything until it actually happens!

Today has been fine -- church, and then I rested, and I've been at the computer for a while this afternoon trying to get a few things done.

I do have new medication for my thyroid but it doesn't seem to be helping as much as I hoped. I guess it takes time to get regulated.

Yawn. Boring post. My life is annoying sometimes. This morning a couple of the boys were acting so nutty that I turned to the person next to me and said, "Have you ever felt like you were trapped inside a Dumb and Dumber movie?"

Welcome to my world.

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Lisa said...

Wouldn't it be nice if our kids had the manners to at least CALL and update us on what is going on? This whole texting deal has it's drawbacks. Sure, it makes communication a little easier when the person has a hard time talking to you (in certain circumstances), but to leave someone hanging is just plain rude. Maybe you had nothing better to do all day than to just hang around waiting to find out what's going on - but based on reading your blog here, you seem like a pretty busy person and you have many other kids at home needing your attention as well. I think we are put in - or put ourselves in - a tricky spot when our kids are young adults. They want our help (occasionally) and we still want to be needed so we are always putting ourselves out there - and still risking continued rejection.

I hope everything is revealed soon!