Sunday, October 09, 2011

Whew...... Yesterday

Yesterday was a long day. I was at the birthday party for a full 7 hours by the time we set up and had the party and cleaned up. It was totally worth it though as Isaac had a great time. Can you tell?

The day ended with his dad, our son, being homeless again and in a lot of trouble. Not sure what to do about it but the tears and the manipulation and the sad stories don't really move me much any more. Hope that doesn't sound callous. It's the whole "we didn't adopt kids to make them homeless" philosophy as it has to be balanced with the other kids in the home and what they have to go through.

But Isaac is by far the cutest baby in the world. I will share with you a few of the 200 pictures I took. 101 of them are on facebook if you want more ;-)


GB's Mom said...

He looks so grown up!

robyncalgary said...

Im not an adoptive parent and my bio daughters are young, but I hear you on the tears and manipulations not phasing you anymore. Sounds alot like both my daughters' dads. There comes a point where the same sob poor me stories don't mean anything when they've gotten themselves into bad situations. For me all I can do is be cautiously open to positive interactions, as soon as one of them starts feeling sorry for themselves I'm done with the conversation for then. But of course it's quite different for you because I don't feel guilty for not joining their pity party :P

Anyways looks like a GREAT party, can't believe he's already a year! I remember last year this time my baby was only 3 weeks old and I was stalking your blog waiting for the news :)

Lisa said...

What a busy day! He is such a doll!

Nobody "wants" their child to be homeless, no matter what age. I think you know quite well what it's like to live with him, what you can expect (or not) from him and whether you want that in your home. It really is so... hard on the other kids to have an older sibling who is disruptive in some way. It's one thing when they're all young and you have no other choice but to deal with them, it's quite another when they make poor choice after choice that puts them in this position. I think once they are too old to benefit from our years of experience, they're too old to expect us to continuously rescue them from themselves. You know it always ends badly and you end up being blamed for everything anyway. It's sad to watch them not learn from their mistakes.