Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Full Day in Nashville

As you know, vacationing for me is tricky, but we had a good day yesterday. We spent the morning in the hotel reading (Bart) and working on my presentation. Then we had some decent Mexican food and he went to tour the Hermitage, home of the late President Andrew Jackson. That is the kind of thing he loves but it costs $ to get in and I would have been annoying and bored, so I stayed in the car and worked on my presentation. He had a great time.

We then headed for a Gigi's Cupcake, recommended by a Facebook friend. They were delicious -- I had a Carrot Cake Cupcake and Bart had an Italiam Cream Cake Cupcake and let's just say they were not on the approved list for diabetic food exchanges.

I then needed a very specific adapter before the presentation on Monday, so like an idiot we drove to the mall and to the Apple store where 4,247 people were standing in line for an Iphone 4S. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a bit, and I didn't count them, but there were a lot. We got the adapter, and then headed to Ri'Chards for dinner. I had looked it up on the internet and it sounded fun. I wanted live music without huge crowds and a lot of noise and lines and -- you know, the kind of stuff that you usually find when you get live music. And we found it.

Ri'chard himself performed for a bit, then another guy whose name nobody said, and then we heard the following two artists -- even heard these particular songs. Isn't technology cool? I looked them up while they were singing on my Iphone and then emailed the link to myself to share with you ;-)

We had yummy cajun food and listened to the first set (Danni Nichols) and the first half hour of the second set (Adam Pope) and then we were ready to go -- just as the place was getting crowded and wild ;-) So it was perfect.

Today we have a few plans -- not sure exactly what they will entail -- but for now I'm cleaning up email (it's really getting bad) and going to finish up my presentation. It's just fun to not be interrupted for a few hours.

Tomorrow I'm off to see Cindy!!!!

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