Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Day in the Life -- Wanna Be Me?

I had to spend another day gone from home, leaving before the kids left for school. By the time I had gotten home after a long day the following had happened.

1) I had gotten a call from the school that one of the kids had broken into the school last week after a football game and gone through lockers with a friend. It's caught on camera. His friend stole, he didn't, and so now the whole thing is his friend's fault. He's not getting that going into the school and going through the lockers is a crime whether or not he stole anything is against the law. The school is deciding tomorrow if they will press charges.

2) I got an email from the school saying that one of my kids off-handledly said, "I should kill myself...." resulting in a hefty counseling session. He doesn't get why it was a big deal to say that.

3) One of my kids missed the first three hours of class today.

4) Two of my kids spent at least 1/2 a day in ISS. (In School Suspension).

5) I received word that two of my kids have some kind of rash or skin infection that requires them to go to the doctor before they can go back to school.

In addition, Salinda and Gabby are here -- Salinda is getting applications tonight. Pray that she will get a fast job as this would keep her here where she is happier.

Also, if you want to pray, you can pray for our meeting about Ricardo tomorrow. I'm really not sure what to do with him. If he refuses to do work in the classroom, and refuses to go to the work program for the kids who can't succeed academically, then I'm not really sure what to do -- and he has no suggestions.

John got another job, he reports, at a dairy that I googled and he will be working at a facility that milks 4500 cows. Didn't even know that was possible. But he works 6-6 tomorrow. This is his 3rd job in about 5 months, so hopefully he can keep this one for more than a few weeks. He's very excited about all the benefits.

Bart remains in Orlando, but I'm hanging in there. It was a long day, but for some reason I'm handling things ok.

Sometimes though, I smile inside at all I am able to handle. Is that arrogant?


Jen said...

Not arrogant, cool!

I am now homeschooling Brennan. We spend 2-3 hours a day 4 days a week on projects of his choosing. Not as "good" as public high school, but MUCH more appropriate for him. The amount of time isn't too harsh on my schedule. Can an older sib help you monitor Ricardo's progress on interest-driven projects to build up his self-confidence and love for learning?

DynamicDuo said...

I do believe that somedays its "our" arrogance that keeps us standing upright. When people ask me how I'm doing - I smile and say I'm still standing....