Sunday, October 09, 2011

Whew..... Today

Wow. What a day it has been. The Baptism was fine although Gabby was not wanting it to happen -- demonstrating her sinful nature I suppose. :-)

A bit of hisotry. Salinda had had Henry's mom bring her back here with all their stuff last night. They moved it all in. We thought it was a done deal, except we never really think that...

After lunch out with everyone today (both families), Henry and his sister and brother drove Salinda back here. And then they stood and argued until finally Salinda gave in and let Gabby go with him to his house. Unfortunately we have a trip coming up -- so I'm not sure how this all is going to go. We were so close to having things be drama free for a while.

John joined us this morning but is still homeless. We are not rescuing him.

Funny how life can be such a mix of ups and downs at the same time. It was great to have Kyle home and see him. It was very fun to have people together. It is not fun for us to watch the ramifications of our kids choices and how much pain they have to go through.

I have a headache. I wonder why.

Again many more pics on Facebook, but here are a few.. ANd so you know, my boys are so oppositional lately about having pictures taken I just decided it wasn't worth the extra stress. I know I'll regret it some day, but today I just had to get through....


Marge said...

How special for Gabby to have her Grandpa baptize her. My dad baptized one of his grandkids, our oldest son, Kevin. I always treasured that.

What a beautiful little girl!

robyncalgary said...

Oh my! That dress, the shoes, the CAPE! I just love it. And your daughters are so beautiful <3

Claudia said...

yeah... she's gorgeous.... ;-) ANd it was great to have Bart be able to baptize her -- even though it looked more like an exorcism!