Thursday, October 20, 2011

Whew. Could someone please stop the world for minute so I can rest?

And I'm not even home yet. There has been no good wifi all day for me to use to update you.... but the day has been uneventful, though annoying. I am at a restaurant in Coon Rapids waiting to have dinner with Kyle and his wife, Christy and then I am going to go pick up Bart and we are finally heading home. Our journey began at 4:25 a.m.... it will end at 10:00 p.m. But I'm doing surprisingly well considering how much sleep I got after driving 7 hours yesterday in the rain.

I feel very refreshed by spending time with my friends. But now I have to go home to my kids who, as a group, did the following while I was gone:

Skipped many classes (as if the school doesn't notify us)
Stole from each other.
Stole from a stranger at the Y who I have to call tomorrow so we can pay him back.
Went to the crisis center for new medication (John)
Allowed herself and daughter to be picked back up and taken to her ex boyfriend's and now isn't coming back;
Went to a friends not only without permission but after told NOT to;
Stopped working his work job at school;
One decided they could choose not to come to church on Sunday;
and I'm sure there were no chores done and no dishes done, etc.

ANd now Kyle is here so bye ;-)

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