Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I didn't take a nap yesterday

So, since when is that big news? Well lately it is. I think my new medication is finally kicking in and I was able to stay up ALL DAY LONG. Huge accomplishment. ;-)

Hope I can do the same today as I"m heading to St. Paul for a staff meeting and have to leave early this morning.

Still not sure where John is. He is supposed to be a sponsor for Gabby's baptism Sunday but didn't show up for the meeting yesterday -- Salinda and her bf and his bro and sis all came down and were in town for an hour or so -- had the meeting, came by to see me, and then hung out a bit and left. Facebook status is back to single for both John and Courtney... I can't keep up! Our weekend should be nice and full of drama.

Bart is making swedish meatballs and mashed potatoes for about sixty people for Wednesday night supper at church tonight... so he was up until 12:30 working on that. I went to bed at 10:30 -- was just to tired to stay up and keep vigil...

I ordered the actual paper books that you can touch and hold in your hand yesterday. They should be here by Monday of next week or a bit after. Remember, coupon preorder here and save $4.00 If you've been meaning to do it soon -- just do it now!

Tony is here for his argument of the morning. He tries to make sure we have at least 6 a day about nothing. And if you think I can just ignore him, you're nuts. He badgers me for a reaction until I finally give him one.

Now I must awaken Dominyk who often the first words out of his mouth are, "Thanks a lot mom for ruining my day!"

Ah the joys....


QueenB said...

Do you ever just cheerfully say "you're welcome" to Dominyck? Just asking...!

Claudia said...

Sometimes. Other times I just ignore him or say something positive or chuckle. Or say "Really, already. Wow I'm good. Most moms take a little longer than that!"

Susan said...

I wonder if you started the argument with Tony if that would satisfy him. At least that way you could chose the time and topic.