Monday, September 18, 2017

Good and good for you....

Do you ever get tired of being crabby?  Sometimes after I have felt down for a few days, I just get tired of myself and decide I need to be done because I don't like being around myself any more.

In Proverbs 17 it says (yes, in the Message)

A cheerful disposition is good for your health;    gloom and doom leave you bone-tired.

Isn't that something?  Not only do the people around us appreciate it when we are cheerful, but it's good for us too!

Whenever we can, it seems we should remember this statement and if we have a choice -- which I indicated the other day that we don't always have) -- we should choose joy.   Choose cheerfulness.

Or in the words of some dudes in a generation way beyond mine, we should shoot for more heart... and less attack.

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