Monday, September 25, 2017

Seek Pleasure! ???

If you are a church attender and went to church yesterday, I'm pretty sure that the sermon was not about going out and finding pleasure in life.  It may have been about self-denial, or taking up your cross, or practicing the spiritual disciplines, or finding joy in the struggles, or, or, or.... you fill in the blank.

We often equate Christianity with suffering -- and there is a great deal of truth in that.  But we forget that God created to have a desire to enjoy life -- to experience pleasure (define as a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment).   God gave us the capacity to experience happiness, pleasure, satisfaction in life and He wants us to do just that.

In fact, in Ecclesiastes 9 in the message in the midst of Solomon's not-always-very-positive thoughts, he says that God takes pleasure in our pleasure and that each day is God's gift.

I encourage you to think of one thing today that gives you pleasure and embrace doing that one thing with gusto -- knowing that God will take pleasure in your pleasure.

And while you're at it, sing a happy song.  Hope this gets stuck in your head all day long!

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