Monday, September 04, 2017

Tell Them

Over the past week several people who I have known and loved have passed away.   Most of them are people I have loved over the years who I haven't seen in a long time, but today I lost someone who I am used to seeing a couple times a week.  Someone that I loved a lot.   I won't try to explain our relationship because it won't make sense to most and it would cheapen it if I went into detail.

In the midst of my grief I recognized that it was really important to me that I had gone out of my way several times in the last month to let him know that I appreciate it his friendship.  His death was sudden and unexpected and I'm still in shock.

Because I have spent several hours alone tonight I have thought about all the people who have gone to heaven before me.  I have knowledge that until the day that I die, I will be saying goodbye to people that i love.  I have begun to think about all of the people who

I'm telling you this because it hit me pretty hard this past week, as people I knew and know and love have left their earthly bodies and I will not be able to tell them anything else this side of heaven.  We never know if people will be around for one more day.

A former pastor of mine years ago said something like this "Life is too full of people saying negative things.  If you have a positive feeling about someone, why not tell them?"

Tell them while you can.  

And if you, like me, are missing someone today.... maybe this song will bring some comfort.  Death is not the final chapter....

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