Saturday, September 23, 2017

Saturday Summary for 9/23/17

Last Saturday was the birthday party for Carlos, or 'los, or Little 'Los, depending on what you want to call him.   We had a great time.  

He was all excited about any gift that was car related, but every time he saw something that was clothing he disgustedly threw it on the floor.    We had another four year old who joined us for the party and the whole thing was pretty energy filled.  Lots of disregulation for kids and adults alike, but it was really fun anyway.

It was fun to have Matt and Sadie with us through the weekend... they left Monday afternoon.  But before going, Matt asked Sadie to marry him!  That was a huge answer to prayer for two reasons:  Matt is a great guy in a long list of ways and we are very excited to have our first son-in-law.   But the second reason is that now Sadie can SHUT UP about getting engaged.  (Just kidding honey.... kinda)  :-)  No date has been set so I guess she can obsess about that now.

But seriously, we couldn't be happier for them.  They have a lot of things they have to face every day ... I won't list them all... but their love for each other keeps them hanging in there.  I'm very proud of both of them.

Dominyk has an interview this morning at the Olive Garden where Salinda and Wilson both work.  It would be great if he could get hired for so many reasons.   He has been trying to get on staff their for over a month.... but we figured out how to make it happen :-)   Salinda had taken a few of Bart's frosted buttermilk brownies to work one night.  (If you have had them you will completely understand the rest of this story).  Her boss LOVED them and asked her for more.  We jokingly told Salinda to tell him that  Bart would make him a whole pan if he hired Dominyk.   So last night he told Salinda to tell her dad to start baking :-)

To be blatantly honest, we have some pretty big challenges at the Fletchers because I am gone a couple days a week.  Or actually, it's the opposite.  We have pretty big challenges at the Fletchers because I am here a few days a week.   The reason is this:  Bart concludes that things will never get better.  This is his way of coping with stress.  He will never be disappointed if he thinks things will never change.  However, I can't live without hope that things will change and so when I come home I'm always trying to figure out a way to get my adult children to do what they are supposed to do.   Nothing major -- wash dishes a few times a week, clean a room of the house, and pay for their phone bill if they are on our phone plan.  You'd think that would be a no brainer with kids who are 18.5, 21.5 and almost 25... I also have visions of their lives improving, them being happier, and I tell myself that I can be helpful.   I'll say no more about any of that, but you can imagine how things change when I arrive home and how not-very-excited the kids are to see me.   However, when two of the cutest kids in America run to the door and jump in my arms it does take away some of the sting.

Work is super exciting, super challenging, and very busy as usual.  I'm going to be sharing something cool with you within the next couple weeks about work.

I just finished week one of the nutrition plan that my trainer uses.  There were only a couple times that I didn't follow it, so I'm on the right track.  Did all the exercise he told me to this week with the exception of one day.  I'm heading to his warehouse gym in 30 minutes.  :-)

I'm teaching Sunday school at church and loving it, have started up with the praise band again, and am rejoining the early service choir, so lots of stuff is going on there.

Wow... I guess a lot of stuff does happens in a week of my life! ;-)

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