Saturday, September 30, 2017

Saturday Summary for September 30, 2017

September is coming to a close and yet it is still in the high 80s/low 90s here in Virginia.  It's not bothering me at all that it is still hot.... I can take this weather all the time if it means I don't have to navigate snow all winter!  Last year we had one big storm and I never wore a winter coat once.  I'll take another "winter" like that!

So.... family news?   Nearly every week I hear from most of our kids who don't live with us, but this week I heard in some way from all but two.   Christy is awesome about sending us snapchats of Silas and the twins nearly every day.   Rand checks in weekly when he wants his money transferred.  John and Courtney called this week (they are back together and parenting Isaac together which is really good for Isaac... they seem to be happy together as well right now, which is very cool.  They had been in some pretty rough places and hadn't even been able to communicate in a healthy way for over five years).  I manage Jimmy's money -- and you don't want to hear about how many times that requires a conversation.

I actually heard from Ricardo this week because we need to get his insurance card.  If he gives me his address to send it I'll know where he is.  He flew somewhere to live with a girl but nobody is clear exactly where.... his siblings who took him to the airport think Missouri, but the girl he is "in a relationship with" on Facebook lives in Tennessee.   Mercedes of course is already asking for a guest list for the wedding with no date, and I had to have a conversation with Leon about money this week.

So, other than Tony who is living with birth family and Mike who we seldom hear from, I had connections with all of my kids this week!

The kids who live here are struggling some but you wouldn't want details.  The job for Dominyk fell through so I am his only option as a boss (we pay him to do things around the house) and you can imagine how that goes.

Work continues to be good.  Always challenging, always demanding more skill than I have, but I am constantly working to gain news skills and improve as a leader.  There are days when that seems like it's working and other days when I wonder :-)

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Have a great week everyone!

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