Tuesday, February 09, 2010

After This Morning's Post

I dry heaved for 15 minutes. Something about the words on the page and the after affects of the anesthesia. But tonight I'm trying something new. I'm not looking at the screen and I actually fel ok. I can type via touch and not looking, so I am not getting sick as long as I don't look at the screen.

Bart said that he would let me dictate entries to him today, but because it was a snow day he wasn't here very much I have so many funny stories to tell it's amazing. I hve ben in top form -- it's my way of dealing with stress and anxiety -- and I have cracked up everyone in the hospital. We've had so many good laughs.

I am incredibly grateful to God for so many things: 1) That I didn't ignore my symptoms; 2) That I got good medical attention quickly; 3) that my kids are behaving well, 4) for my many wonderful friends, some who have already visited me, and 5) that I have the most amaizng husband in the world. This has been a wake up call for sure.

There are things in life that are important and there are things that aren't.

Thank you for your prayers.... they are working. But typing is still making me nauseaus. So much so I can't spell.

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Rose Adoption Journey said...

Hang in there Claudia! Maybe you needed a "rest"....sorry about the nausea. YUK!! Glad you were taking care of yourself! Our family here in AL are lifting you up.