Friday, February 19, 2010

The Drama Never Ends

Breathing is good. It's a really good thing. It makes all of life so much easier.

Last night I think I slept six hours, didn't hallucinate much, and woke up feeling at least like I might be able to get something done. Because last night I didn't. All I did was Salinda drama.

Yesterday I had called and told her that I was not going to allow her to bully me into a decision that could cost us a CPS investigation. That I would give in to her requests simply to protect the rest of us, but that she needed to be sure of what she wanted. I told her that she needed to trust me -- that messing with the CPS system when you have a child of your own might not be a smart idea. I told her I would ask for an extention from the county with a move home date of March 5 and that she had until then to decide.

At 5 pm. she texts that she wants us to come get her right now. She's moving home. Well, I had a feeling that this was going to be a false alarm, but I went along with it. Bart agreed to leave at her cue and the other kids started working on the bedroom for her. By 8 she had changed her mind.

This morning I talked with her boyfriend's mom and we have agreed that she needs to move back home and that she will help her son understand why. Neither of us want the county involved and we need to comply and do what they say. Apparently Salinda and her bf had been having a huge fight yesterday, which culminated in the "come get me."

His mom and I agreed that we need to have a nice transition free of drama that doesn't have to be permanent. We can re-evaluate. We also agreed that she has post-partum depressions and needs to be treated. Hopefully once we get her stable she can make the best decision for her.

I feel like we are doing the right thing so that drama in my mind can be put to rest momentarily.

John has been reading my blog he says. He needs to have his butt in class and stop skipping. That's for you John. As I tell all my kids, if you don't want anything bad to show up in the blog, don't DO anything bad. :-)

I am feeling pretty good that I have been able to accomplish this blog entry, five phone conversations, a shower with minimal assistance, and the consuming of 2 Activia Yogurts all before noon. For a couple days I was doing good to just breathe.

For once my body is completely stopping me from working. It's never done that before.

But hey, body, enough already!


GB's Mom said...

Happy your feeling better. Hope Salinda can make a decision that is good for her and the baby.

Lisa said...

You are being put in a terrible position by Salinda, but I'm glad you have the bf's mom's support in her return home now. It seems inconsequential, but Salinda needs to hear essentially the same things from all of the adults around her so that she doesn't keep taking out her anger on you and Bart. For awhile I kept this one liner handy whenever my kids thought I could fix all their drama - it's "I never realized you thought I had that kind of power" and I used it excessively for about a six month period. I don't have the power to keep them from making stupid choices and I don't have the power to influence them in any positive form - I have NO say as far as they're concerned - but then they think I have the power to make it all better after they're done with the fun part and have consequences from life in general. Can't have it both ways. I think you're already doing more than enough for her just by supporting her emotionally with this new baby - especially considering how you're partially out of commission and certainly don't need to deal with all of her problems on top of your own health concerns.