Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday Morning (typed by Claudia)

I just got my numbers back. Not going anywhere today. But it looks good for me going home tomorrow.

Bart just texted me that Gabby is in the hospital with RSV. I am not sure that insurance ever got set up for her because of the mess about the county saying she needed to move home. So, now there's one more thing to stress out Salinda and to concern me.

So, shift some of your prayers Gabby's way..... I seem to be doing as OK as can be expected. Or you can pray for both of us. God's pretty big -- I think He can handle it all.

In fact, I think I might just let Him.


GB's Mom said...

He can handle it all. I am glad you are willing to let Him. Covering all of your family in prayers!

GZimmy said...

RSV? I thought that was the Revised Standard Version. ;-)

We know our God is big enough to handle even your entire family, Claudia! And so we will pray for all of you!

Linda B said...

Good call on your part to let God handle you too! I wanted to remind you that MA will go back 3 months from time of application so hopefully there won't be any problems with this bill. Another lesson learned for Salinda? Maybe? We can hope. Hang in there Claudia-I know this is tough on you to be in one spot for so long!

tbirdonawire said...

Saying prayers for all of you.