Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Pause in the story....

for this quick commercial message.

Tonight for the first time I got discouraged and upset. The doctor is still very concerned about the clot in the heart and has started me on new medication. They will not use surgery to remove it as that is too risky.

That news was followed by Salinda telling Mercedes that she is moving home Friday into a room that isn't ready for her because we weren't expecting this... and because I haven't had this week to work on it. She then texted me a few things that were less than kind and then refused to continue the conversation.

Bart is tired and overwhelmed and I may be in the hospital for another two-four days. Please pray for me... but more importantly pray for Bart and his stress level and for Salinda's heart to soften.

I sometimes feel like I got Bart into this mess and now this week I'm abandoning him at the worst possible time.

Plus I just can't just up and leave this earth for good quite yet... I need to see how it all turns out.


jonavia1 said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I'm sure Salinda is very scared and with a lot of our kids that comes out as anger. I hope you know how much you are loved. I keep checking in on Kari's and Cindy's blog (along with many other people!)
Joni (from Texas)

Marge said...

Girl, you are going nowhere. Stay in the hospital, under the care of the medical experts, and behave yourself. The girls can get the room ready if you give them a few instructions. And some Gabby time will probably be really good for you! We are praying for you and for Bart. I'm sure you're frustrated and he's exhausted, but it will work out.

Prayers for all of you..........

Angela said...

Your blog has always inspired me with how much you've coped with so well
- this may be your biggest challenge yet!
Humour works best when interpersed with worry and tears and you deserve this intermission for as long as you like.
When my son was despeately ill someone gave me the text
Psalm 61;2
"lead me to the rock that is higher than I"
hope you can rest on that rock for a while

Bart said...

And now a word from the husband, Bart ... while it is true that I am tired (although I am usually tired by 10 PM) ... and while all of the medical discoveries of the past three days are rather overwhelming ... and while I appreciate that my loving wife is concerned about me ... I am doing fine and so are our kids. It doesn't help that a couple of our kids are sick right now and that everyone is a bit disoriented because Mom has been gone for the better part of two weeks. But I know that there is a cadre of people out there who are willing to help whenever I might need it. And that's a very big blessing. We appreciate your prayerful support! Thank you.