Monday, February 08, 2010

Just when I thought I was home free....

This morning I got everyone up and out the door. Except John who was up and dressed and ready when I left at 7:30. His girlfriend got stranded in town and slept on our couch last night and her car was parked outside our house. I asked him last night if he had a ride to school this morning. He said yes.

I took my group of kids to school and then showed up at my office -- finding it to not have been shoveled -- I guess maybe it's my job, but I didn't know that... anyway, I digress....

I traipsed through the snow, sat down at my desk, was ready to start working and then the phone rang. It as John, calling from our house from his girlfriends phone saying that Rand is refusing to drive him to school. He argues that he always gets a ride from Rand -- well, always, as far as I know, was about 15 times at the beginning of last year before he started skipping school and sleeping other places, etc. etc. I turns out his girlfriend doesn't have to go to school until 10 so I guess she was going to hang out at our house while we took John to school.

The thing that was irritating is that Bart was upstairs. In the house. Home. Where John was. Within feet of him. And I was at the office having just drug myself through a foot of snow. And yet he called me, which I had to comment on. Loudly. A lot. But apparently he finally did talk to Bart and he has now been given a ride to school.

All the unnecessary drama of poor communication.... every time that I don't ask 20 questions to clarify every single statement I end up with some kind of minor drama. Sigh. Next time I"ll ask my 20 questions and not cut corners.

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GZimmy said...

And now school is closing early because of the weather!