Monday, February 01, 2010

Yesterday was my last day as an optimist

I'm on the bus. I'm typing in my phone. I see no outlets. I am not sure if wifi works. I was thinking to myself a few minutes ago that at least I had the seat to myself. Until we picked up some more people at a second stop I didn't know about. I'm on the upper level of ghe bus. The stairs are steep. Of course the bathroom if there truly is one is below me. If you like very whiny tweets typed laboriously with one thumb as the typist gets carsick you can follow me on Twitter. Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible for what I type when I am under these conditions.


FAScinated said...

Think of it as an adventure, Claudia! You are a survivor, you can do this! And it could be worse...the bus could be filled with your kids! LOL

Missing you already,

FAScinated said...

I've been checking both your Twitter and your blog and there's been nothing for hours and hours. Please twit. Or blog. Do something to let us know that you survived the bus ride!

~Kari, worried and missing you