Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Been a While

since it took me until four in the afternoon to blog. Let me tell you about my day.

I woke up and watched Bart get the kids ready for school, trying to shut my mouth. Tomorrow I think I am going to just do it myself. He's been doing it alone for 3 weeks now, and it's time I get moving.

It then took me quite a while to get myself up and to the shower. I'm finding that my transitioning times are the hardest. I sit and think and breathe and plan my next move way too much. It's like I have to recover from every little thing. I sit up from laying down, time to recover. Take a drink of water. Recover. Speak. Recover. Annoying.

My 12 minute shower took 35 cuz I have to stop between things and recover. I then left the house for the doctor, forgetting to eat, which was not a good time. Because Levoquin with food is nasty, but Levoquin and an empty stomach... AAAGH. Doctor appointment #1 was at 9:45 and my INR level (blood thickness) is all scewed and messed up. The steroids and Levoquin have wreaked havoc on it, so now I have to go back every couple days and make sure that I don't get too high or low. It's high now, so they cut my dosage of the Warfarin (the blood thinner).

My next appointment was scheduled for 11:45 but they were going to try to get me in sooner so I didn't have to go and come back. It took them until 11 to tell me they couldn't, so I grabbed something to eat and came back. That meant I hobbled to the car (pulled some stomach and back muscles coughing and now have Achilles tendon issues because of the Levoquin) and drove to get a fast food snack, ate it in the parking lot, and came back in).

The doctor says my lungs are clearing and didnt tell me that I had to cancel my Seattle trip for Monday. She thinks I'll be able to still do it, though I may have to ask for wheelchair assistance in the airport if I'm not able to walk a long ways. Otherwise, I may just be able to go.

I wouldn't be contemplating the trip if it weren't really important. And I'm hoping that I will keep feeling better.

However, this morning, after my two appointments I was really wiped out. Two solid hours of sleep this afternoon and I"m at my desk, finally taking care of some details I needed to take care of. I know hardly anyone does -- but I don't work in a job where I can just be gone two weeks and expect things to take care of themselves.

I'm starting to get the kids back into shape with helping around here but not without a lot of resistance. When it is so difficult for me to get anything done and they lie around all the time it really gets to me.

If each of the next three or four days are incrementally better like the last three or four, I should be doing well by weeks end.

Being sick isn't me. I'm a person who gets things done.


Little Wonder said...

take care of yourself!

GB's Mom said...

Here's to looking forward to the weekend!

Anonymous said...

I would have never made it on a trip to Seattle right after having Pneumonia. I was too tired all the time. I can so remember having to recover from every move. Poor you. I hope you feel better quickly. Pneumonia really sucks, but with your other health issue you must be totally wiped.

Angela said...

do you know you can get a machine called the coagucheck and monitor your inr at home with a fingerprick test?
My husband is a haematologist here in NZ and with my son is establishing a site where you can feed in the results and get dosed. He is hoping to start it in USA over next few months
he is investigating US health care at the moment and I know some health care insurance covers the cost of a coagucheck

flacius1551 said...

All that travel? Are you sure? I will be praying for you.

Tania @ Larger Family Life said...

Give yourself time to recover. Hope all is well by the weekend.

Lisa said...

Levoquin - ugh. I slept for the whole 2 weeks that I took it. No energy, sick to my stomach (with or without food).

Take good care of yourself and allow your body time to heal.

Hugs! {{{{{Claudia}}}}}