Monday, February 15, 2010

If you've ever wished you could be in the same room with me...

you shouldn't be wishing that today.

I know you think after listening to that that I somehow faked it, but no, that is what Bart had to listen to all night and all this morning ... and pretty much yesterday all day. And just so you know -- it's even louder in my own head, so I'm driving myself even crazier than I already was.

No school today, so the kids are still sleeping. I managed to get up, take a shower alone, and dress myself. Who would have thought that much would exhaust me? I had breakfast and now I'm recovering from that ordeal.

I'm going to take the day very slowly, getting one thing done at a time and resting between, hoping to not go completely crazy and to accomplish a few things.

During the next few weeks I hope to blog a few of the things I was pondering while unable to do anything in the hospital. But for now I"ll just post my breathing and you can be grateful that you don't have to listen to me all day long.

And just so you know -- when i listen to the audio clip to make sure it is working I am wheezing a duet.... ponder how lovely that is for a moment.


Barbara said...

Claudia, I'm not a physician, just a long time lurker. Your symptoms and breathing sounds like what I have when I get pneumonia. Would you consider re-checking with your doctor? Your breathing is a bit scary.
Sending lots of healing prayers for all of you. We had the same fall-out after I was hospitalized for nine weeks, seven in ICU. The teens and the most hurt kids could not handle it. Thank God for husbands like mine and yours. Also sending prayes for him, so he can get catch up on some rest.
Rest and Heal.

FAScinated said...

Ben said you sound like a dying cow.

And I agree with Barbara. Call you doctor. ~Kari

Lindy said...

You are on antibiotics and have a nebulizer-right? If not-get your butt into the dr today and get that taken care of!!!!!!!!!! Do not continue to tough this out,no matter how much you hate the thought of dr's right now. You are going to end up right back in the hospital if you don't.
Lindy (RN in my past life)

Linda B said...

As I listened to this my heart sped up, I became anxious and found myself trying to breath with you! Listen to your comments! You need oxygen! Don't let this get worse-now get on that phone!

mainiac said...

I've never heard anything like that in my entire life! I hope you play that for a doctor and get something soon to take care of it. Thinking of you. -Mleissa

Anonymous said...

OK, am I the only who was laughing, imagining you recording your own wheezing? For REAL people. And then when you said you were wheezing in syncronicity while listening to your own wheezing? Comic GOLD. Claudia, you make a near-death experience truly enjoyable :)