Tuesday, July 27, 2010

After the Wedding

After the wedding and the wedding dinner, Bart and I decided not to stay for the dance. We don't dance, we don't drink, and we had friends and family who had driven a long way to spend time with us. We went back to our villa and sat outside by the lake to visit as it turned dark. It was a great time.

We let our kids make their own choices, and I washed my hands of what the kids over 21 might do. I was pleased to see that most of them didn't even choose to go over there -- they were content to hang out with us. Of course, one of the 21 year olds got completely drunk, violating his probation, but I didn't have to see it. And the other two or three who stopped by the dance didn't have anything to drink to my knowledge.

I wasn't thrilled about them being exposed to that kind of thing, but we chose to just play it down and it seemed to work fine.

I took some pictures outside by the lake ..... thought you'd like to see them.

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~Dinah said...

Well, I know I wouldn't have made "good" choices either at 21...but those choices made me realize that puking my guts out the next morning was not worth the fun for a few hours...

Glad you had a fab time anyways. :D