Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I Have Way Too Many Thoughts

I've been scanning pictures for a wedding slideshow for Kyle and Christy's reception, and have gotten to see lots of great pictures of them. Thought I'd share one with you.

Not sure what to blog of the many things I could. But Kari and I did go to the Y and there was weight loss success for anyone who is interested. I also spent a long time this morning talking about my role as a person with the "gift of prophecy" if those of you who share my faith want to hop over to my Scripture as I See It blog to see that entry.

That entry was provoked by many thoughts I've had lately that I feel compelled to share but that I know will bring backlash and negative comments. So I am battling the urge to share them. It's a strange position for me as usually I don't give it a second thought. Am I losing my edge?

Last night I was home "alone" with five boys/men and no husband. Jimmy, Leon, Ricardo, Dominyk and MIke are braving the very hot house. The air is supposed to get fixed today. I sure hope so for everyone's sake. It's kind of hard to settle down and sleep with the weather as it is. Bart bought a cheap window unit for our bedroom so he could survive these few days (cheaper than a night in the hotel) but we really need it all working correctly.

I have chosen not to blog about the situation that is flooding my mind lately -- the discovery and connection with birth family through My Space without our permission by a child under 18. It has affected several people and I have been lied to, which is very frustrating. The initiator of the whole thing of course now is at the manipulative center of triangulation and I want nothing to do with any of it. Finding birth family does not threaten me. Doing it in a way that is manipulative, secretive, and potentially destructive for others bothers me. I really do not want to deal with the drama and since nobody is seeking my help or advice in all this, I'm trying to stay out of the way until someone does. But the situation bugs me for obvious reasons. I really want to blog it all but I have a feeling that there may be people who are directly involved. now reading the blog who would not understand and I don't want to offend anyone. How's that for a vague mess of a paragraph?

Other than that, life is pretty stable at the moment. We are gearing up for the wedding in less than three weeks, though most of our responsiblity is just getting everyone looking appropriate and hosting the rehearsal dinner. We love Christy and are thrilled to have her as a part of our family... just hope we don't embarrass anyone too badly by our presence there.

I've spent way too much time writing this morning and need to move on to my to do list. ANd just think, I've only blogged a few of my thoughts!

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GB's Mom said...

Where does they worry about offending come from. I am praying for you today.