Monday, July 19, 2010

I Hate To Keep Harping on The Same Thing But...

I do feel SO much better if I get up and exercise in the morning. And apparently it is paying off. If you care to click over and follow it, feel free to do so. But if you don't click over, it's not going to hurt my feelings because to be honest, I might not click over to see how much you lost either. ;-)

I almost motivated myself this morning in my "Scripture as I See it" blog entry about how we need to move forward and do the next big thing God is calling us to do. It might be worth clicking over to today.

We had fun at STAND last night -- our church's outdoor worship service. The picture above is from the end of a great evening -- the Coffees joined us as (we let em come even though they are LUTHERANS) as did our friends Brian and Jill and the multitude of kids that I was a part of helping them adopt.

Looking ahead... It's the week of the wedding -- Kyle is getting married on Saturday. Kyle is by far a huge success story when it comes to older child adoptions. He moved in at 11, an angry, parentified, overly mature survivor of a difficult early childhood, and has overcome SO much to become a college graduate who has two years of elementary school teaching under his belt. He's marrying a girl who is so easy for us to love and we're quite proud of him.

A lot of credit though, goes to Bart, who invested so much in him. He saw a seed of greatness in Kyle and watered it and nurtured it through the years we were able to have him with us (11-almost 18 when he went away to college). I confess to basically enduring him and often being critical of Bart for investing so much. And it's totally unfair that I get to reap any of the rewards of Bart's wonderful parenting because I wasn't that great of a mom to Kyle.

But I'm going to go ahead and enjoy what I can and celebrate his successes with him. He's not perfect, nobody is, and there are a few things we'd change about his life, but just like our other kids, he has to find his way.

SO, busy days ahead, lots to do. Better start doing it.

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