Saturday, July 03, 2010

Fun Fun Day, Not so Fun Night

The day was really good. I had a great morning cleaning off my desk and making the collage. Had a very relaxing trip to the lake (will post pics) and came home around 8 and since then -- for the last two hours, things haven't been all that pleasant. Dominyk had a meltdown that resulted in a small cut on my finger (which I need to type!), I discovered news I didn't want to know that I had to deal with, and Ricardo was 7 hours late coming home. I had to deal with all of that and none of it was fun.

But I got some nice pictures ;-)

Oh, and one more thing. The airconditioning is out and it is about 90 degrees in our house. It isn't going to be fixed until Tuesday. I don't like it. Bart likes it about 1,000 times less than I do. Argh.

Heading to bed now....

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Kate said...

Just the air being out would make me crazy!!