Monday, July 12, 2010


Last night I realized that I was utterly exhausted. Having run all weekend, the time that I'm supposed to use to recharge, I was just so tired.

Dominyk had a very bad morning on Sunday. He was extremely agitated (medication issue) and had to try on three different shirts before I would approve of one (other two had holes or were stained). He cussed me out all the way to church, then refused to sit with me in church, disappeared a few times, etc. etc.

I then had to return the girls to the bf's family where Salinda is visiting a lot this summer, and that always is stressful because Salinda wants to be somewhere at exactly a certain time (hmmm, guess she somehow inherited that from me) and then when we are where we are supposed to be on time, others don't always cooperate. But we got them delivered safely.

So after an exhausting weekend of trying to please Salinda, taking care of Gabby when she was screaming (which was still a joy byt he way, and she didn't scream the whole time), along with all the driving this weekend and the times when Sadie drives (which can be even more tiring than driving myself) I could finally exhale and come home. I had told Bart I would take Dominyk to Dunn Brothers so that he could rest during Sunday afternoon after a 1:00 meeting.

I arrived home at 1:35 to find Leon in the garage on the phone avoiding the chaos in the house ... Dominyk was screaming at the top of his lungs, blood coming out of his nose from where Jimmy had punched him (because I was stupid enough to leave them unsupervised for 35 minutes). Then I got a lecture from Mike about how I should have woken him up for church (he's 21) even though every time I do wake him up he won't come and it ruins my Sunday. I also was pretty convinced I smelled pot smoke but I couldn't for the life of me find any source.

I calmed Dominyk, disciplined Jimmy (no Sunday sports on TV is like removing a vital organ), took Leon to his gf's house (him driving there as well), and then rushed into the coffee shop to spend time with Dominyk who was agitated and jumpy. He made sudden moves, spilling my tea and nearly knocking people over when getting up to get to the bathroom. I stayed there until it was time to head to our outdoor worship service which was phenomenal, by the way.

When that was finally all over, I was SO tired. We still had to return a movie and pick up a prescription, so we did that and I got home and could barely focus.

However, I got up this morning anyway and headed for the YMCA where I lost more weight as you can see here.

Had to take Dominyk to summer school this morning so my routine is a bit off, but I'm going to stop and get work done now. I have a lot of transporting to do today, so I won't have much time at my desk.

I love it when my day starts well.


Little Wonder said...

I am exhausted after reading your post!

Miz Kizzle said...

You need to find out where the pot smell is coming from and demand some from the person responsible. Weed does wonders for stress.
J/K I am not advocating the use of any illegal substance.

GB's Mom said...

Maybe sneak in a 290 minute power nap?