Friday, July 09, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

Back from the YMCA and having a couple quiet hours at Dunn Brothers alone before my day starts. Dominyk has a psychiatrist appointment today and then I am going to get Salinda and Gabby for the weekend. I didn't really expect her to want to come home, but it will be fun to see them.

Then I have to get the first version of the wedding slideshows done for Kyle and Christy and in the middle of all this I have a stack of work to do. It's a good thing that I don't work in an office with other people because I have to really hyper focus and crank out my work without interruption to accomplish what i need to get done.

John has court today. He, Bart and JImmy have already left for the 3 hour drive. HIs attorney says he will get 30 days in jail for probation violation, but he can serve it when he wishes. We'll see if that is what really happens. They predicted 90 days at first, so 30 days is much better. Tomorrow is his girlfriend's graduation party (after the wedding shower for Christy that the girls are going go). Ricardo will leave for wrestling camp tomorrow as well. Tonight the Coffees are coming over for supper. Maybe we'll Karaoke. i think we have one CD left that we haven't sung through yet. Busy days.

I worked myself up into tears having my devotions this morning and writing about it -- and listening to the song I linked, "His Strength is Perfect."

Gotta love crying in public places. ;-)

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