Thursday, July 01, 2010

Tears on the Treadmill

I made it to the YMCA this morning for the fourth day in a row. But I found myself crying on the treadmill. Now, if you know me very well, you know I just don't bother to cry about things.

But this morning there are four situations in the lives of other people that I can't blog about. One of them is adoption related and because of confidentiality I can't share details. The others are just people I know or have heard of who are going through some really bad times right now -- times that are a result of things happening that just aren't FAIR.

The one that is adoption related has me completely furious. It is probably bringing back my own post-traumatic stress from the "Child in Need of Protection" court activities we endured when Bart and I could not longer keep Mike or John safe at home. But this situation is way worse than ours. And the bottom line is this: County Child Protection Workers are only taught one way to approach families, and they apply it to all families. This is incredibly insulting to adoptive families who have taken on very difficult children and have been living in stress and chaos for months when finally they are forced to ask for help. Then they are treated as though they are the problem. Something has to happen with this. It's just incredibly unfair. If I could share details you would be LIVID. Trust me.

So as I was going through all these unjust things that were happening to people I know -- things that are just plain WRONG -- I was choking back tears as I slowly trudged along on the treadmill. There is nothing that I can say or these people to make things OK, and I'm not sure there is anything I can do. I hate feeling hopeless and powerless and watching people suffer.

The last two days I have blogged in my Scripture Blog about suffering and it's purposes and so today when this song came on my Ipod the tears flowed even faster. It's not my job to do anything. I can't fix anything. But my job is to wait for God to act and to remind others that He is faithful.


GB's Mom said...

Some days, crying is the only thing that helps. {{{Hugs}}}

Cyndi said...

There is far more wrong in the adoption world than anyone will admit. Kids are destroyed, families are destroyed, and guess what the rest of society goes on as if nothing is happening here. Policy stinks and anyone who just happens to care at all has no voice in the matter. The kids do not even have a clue as to how much their lives are being affected by the senselessness of all this, even when they are old enough and intelligent enough to be told. I have have been pondering this for a while now and so far have not come up with a good solution.

Rose Adoption Journey said...

We had a situation when we first got #1 son and we had to bring social services in to help. the OFFENDER was treated as if he were the rvictim and we were treated as if we were the problem. We backed off and didnt press charges. Son#1 ended up in the hospital from PTSD in that situation. We will never trust social services to help us again. We will search high and low if we have to to find OTHER help if we ever need it again.

You are right..they are only taught one way to handle things and it is wrong..what do we do?

The sadness in this worlld so bothers me....some days..I pray..come Lord Jesus..come!!

Linda B said...

Amazing how yours and Kari's latest blog entries mirror my thoughts. It's all too familiar.

Sunny said...

You can do something....quit putting kids in families that have other children. Now I am not anti-adoption, but as I sit here with over 100k in attorney fees from defending our family and living with all the PTSD fallout --besides losing kids back to the system-- I would never, ever,ever advise that families adopt abused/neglected kids while they have bio kids in their homes. The risk is way too high. Also, I advise that all adoptive families have a hefty account set aside for legal fees! And btw, after 19 months, we are done with all but two!