Friday, July 23, 2010

One MInute at a Time

I'm up. I've been to the Y. I'm finishing up packing. We're leaving in an hour.

I realize that my blogging has left much to be desired lately -- busy days. But maybe you'll at least have wedding pictures to look at after this weekend is over.

That's what I keep telling myself too. That no matter what happens this weekend it will be over on Sunday ;-).

I'm sure there will be moments of joy that peak through the stress, but our kids do not handle special occasions very well, and I don't handle events where my main responsibility is to look good and mingle. One is impossible and the other ... well... let's just say that endless conversations about the weather with Minnesotans isn't my favorite thing. But I can do this.

And we are thrilled for Kyle and Christy.... and I'm going to enjoy what I can.

If I can just remember to take one day, hour, minute at a time.

Dominyk is already in rare form. He is calling the dogs name repeatedly even though he knows the dog isn't here and is driving me nuts. JImmy is back to acting like a petulant 9 year old. He always gets this way when we need him most.

I will be picking up Salinda, Henry and Gabby and Bart will be picking up Rand. Tony will be meeting us there. The grooms dinner is tonight and the wedding tomorrow night. Our friends, the Coffees, are bringing Sadie and Leon with them because they are still on their missions trip.

I know nobody cares about any of this. I'm rambling to keep my fists busy while Dominyk works his hardest to push me over the edge. Just kidding. I never punch my kids. ;-)

So, my goal for today:is to take one minute at a time and not over-react. I'm not succeeding. Dominyk just headed into the kitchen to report to Bart that "Mom is being a litttle B****".

Big B**** is more like it.



GB's Mom said...

Go to one second at a time if you have to, but please enjoy. It is once in a lifetime event!

old*woman*in*the*shoe said...

First weddings are exciting and so stressful, whether it is a multi million dollar event or a small gathering of friends with a pot luch dinner afterwards. Toss in the stress of your kiddos and...

When my first got married, I didn't sleep the night before, and literally couldn't make it to the end of the reception. I was too tired (It didn't help that I was on chemo - might have something to do with that.)

But I remember thinking, I should be enjoying this day, I should be relishing this day, but I was under too much stress.