Thursday, July 08, 2010

Dominyk and JImmy

He is really something else lately. He's really quite funny if he doesn't drive us crazy.

One of the things he says often now is, "I REFUSE the right to remain silent. I REFUSE the right to remain silent" It is hilarious.

He also picked up, "Oh, You're funny" which he says over and over again. "Oh you'er funny, mom" with a sarcastic voice. To which I reply, "Thank you, Dominyk. I get paid big money to be funny" Now he likes the sound of that so he repeats it often. "I get paid big money to be funny."

I call him Pavlov, because he really can't be behavior modified and operant conditioning doesn't work on him. So I have told him the story about Pavlov's dogs many times and now I just say, "Way to go Pavlov" when something that he shouldn't have done gets him in trouble -- like bugging our dog until he gets bit.

Jimmy is also so funny sometimes. He's being a huge help around the house, but he still makes the most hilarious mistakes ever. He says things like, "For FYI." Or I"m just being sarcasm.

So I've been walking aroudn saying, "For FYI, I'm just being sarcasm." I'm going to say this stuff around the wrong person some time and they are going to think I've lost it....

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Integrity Singer said...

i love this post because I've just finished reading the book (in two days flat!) and it's nice to hear the boys' voices after all the things you went through to get them home (and KEEP them there)

FYI, i don't have a huge following (average 127 hits a day) but I put a review and link on my blog today for the book. Maybe it will generate a few extra dollars for you.