Thursday, July 15, 2010

Heading off for the Morning

Kyle's very fun, very wonderful fiance and I are going to work on the video for the wedding today. Bart and I are both going to the Cities with three of the kids and picking up Ricardo from his wrestling camp. Should be a fun day... and get back in time to work some tonight.

Yesterday I did this schedule:

Drop Dom and Leon off at 8, go to office, work until 9:45.

Pick up Leon at 10 at school, pick up Jimmy at home, haircuts for both. Back home by 11 to get Sadie.

Pick up Sadie and Wilson, take Sadie to work at 11.

Pick up lunch for Bart take it to him, eat with him with Jimmy, Leon, Wilson (who didn't yet eat the food, wanted a different choice).

Drop off Jimmy and Leon on at home, take Wilson with me to get Dominyk at noon and take them for haircuts. Grabbed them lunch.

Took Dominyk and Wilson back home then went and picked up Sadie from work and got her lunch. And then dropped her off at home and took Leon back to the school for open matt. Then I went to my office.

Four fun hours, eh?

Above are before and after pics for a couple of the boys. We were telling Wilson that at the wedding they were going to say "Wow, I didn't know Kyle had three sisters."


Holly Magnuson said...

so ya... I'm tired just reading all of it!

~Dinah said...

Oooooo-la-la, what handsome princes live in your castle now!