Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Another Day Begins Well

By 7:30 I had worked out, showered, and driven to my office where it is perfectly quiet. I thought my way through a Scripture passage and wrote down my thoughts, calling them Filthy Rags Righteousness.

Kari told me this morning that yesterday I mistakenly linked to her blog instead of my exercise blog to report my weight loss. Here is the correct link but I confess to being a little sad that over 400 hundred people checked out my blog yesterday, and not a one cared enough to find the error or report it to me if you did. Oh well, I'll survive. I've lived through worse. ;-)

I am contemplating a blog post about the subculture of negativity that we have formed as foster and adoptive parents but am a bit afraid of the comments I'll get if I talk about it, so it is giving me writer's block....

I have ben doing some bookkeeping this week -- not good at it.

Things have been fine, quite boring in fact, at home. But the air is still out so I have that to deal with before Bart gets home.

I'm ready to dive into my day now. May come back and write more later if I don't chicken out.


GB's Mom said...

Everything is better in the open- even if people do not agree with you, it is good for them to figure out why. So, go ahead, blog about it.

Linda B said...

Claudia when have you let what others think about you stop you?

Seriously, I agree wih GB's Mom. What you have to say is important for others to figure out why they are uncomfortable with it. You are teaching all the time. You don't purposely hurt aren't responsible for their opinions. This is your blog!

Shantra said...

GB I feel the same. And I think it would be to address this issue. I haven't blog much because everytime I sit down I want to write about all that is wrong with the system. and I don't think that is healthy... need to go blog I just had a great ideah thanks for your insperation!