Wednesday, January 26, 2011

MIghty Long Day

Yesterday I was so tired I ended up in a hotel alone and all i could manage to do was go to bed at 8:30! I started off dropping the kids off then drove 2 hours, worked at a Perkins for a couple hours, had two back to back meetings, drove 20 minutes, had a home visit, drove another 90 minutes or so, had another home visit, and then came back to the hotel and worked a bit before heading to bed.

I'm finding the families I'm working with to be great people and the social workers to be wonderful as well but having everyone and so much information thrown at me at the same time can be overwhelming. I continue to have many emails to process which is difficult if I am not at the computer.

Today I get to spend more time at the computer and less driving as I head home. I will head to my office to work a while, pick up some stuff, and make some calls and then I'll head to a home visit, and from there drive about 45 minutes and be home!

As much as I need breaks, I always love coming home as I miss Bart and the kids when I'm off by myself.

Things seem fine at home, I"ve checked in with Bart, so I guess I'll just relax and head on with my day.

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