Sunday, January 16, 2011

Moments LIke These

Last night the Coffees were here for dinner and for some reason it was a very mellow night for all of our kids. We had dinner, visited a while, and even got to play a board game!

We were sitting in the living room and Bart was holding Isaac and Wilson was in there and if you have seen Wilson or picture of him, it's amazing how cute he is. There are times when I catch myself just staring at him because he is truly such a beautiful child. He was in there with his buddy who comes from one of those calm families -- two parents, one son, one daughter, both parents teachers, mellow, organized, etc. He likes to come to our house. He thinks it is exciting.

Isaac loves Wilson and he was smiling at him, and Wilson was smiling back, and I looked at Kari and I said -- these are the moments people don't blog about. Sure, once and a while we remember to stick something positive in there, but in reality there are many many moments in our days when we can feel a great sense of reward in what we do. They vary in when they poke out of the mayhem, and sometimes they even surprise us, but they are there.

Or maybe it is human nature for people to read both positive and negative and only pick up on the negative. Blogs over the past five years -- those adoption blogs that tell scary stories of aggressive kids, danger, and stress -- also have posts of cookie baking, kids success at sports and school, adult adoptees who have become very successful, and all kinds of other good stuff buried in the stress.

Sometimes when I am feeling resentful and frustrated I get stuck in a spot when I forget about the good stuff, and that's a bad place to be. I need to remember the moments and it makes it all worthwhile.


Lee said...

This is so true. To almost everything there is the yin and the yang, so to speak. I see great moments in your blog, but I suppose you are right. Some people only want to see a train wreck.

GB's Mom said...

I remember a great post you wrote after the wrestling season last year. The awards dinner and letters two of your boys wrote to you. (I think one of the boys was Ricardo). Somehow, that sticks with me much more than the train wrecks.

robyncalgary said...

love this post :)