Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Miscellaneous Ramblings on a Busy Morning

Some Random Thoughts:

I bought an FM Receiver for my Iphone yesterday. My kids have been very solemn in the mornings lately and often a bit crabby (I know, I know, typical teenage behavior). But I don't want to be crabby in the morning so I have created a happy playlist in my Itunes and in hte morning we are going to be singing happy songs to my playlist which is going to be played through the speakers throughout the van. Well, I'm going to be singing. But they are going to be hearing the words whether they want to or not:

WOrds like:

I'm Sticking With You!


I Don't Wanna Gain the Whole WOrld and Lose my Soul


I'm Diving In (to life)

When they complain about my music I am going to encourage each of them to come up with a playlist of songs they like that will have the same effect -- a positive start to the day.


WE did what the officers asked on Saturday night and Bart texted Mike to let them know that the police were here and there was a warrant out for his arrest. Mike texted back, "And????"

Bart just told him we were doing as we were told. Sigh.


I'm heading out of town today. Won't be back home until tomorrow around supper time. I'm finding I enjoy life more when I'm not at the computer all the time. Driving time gives me time to reflect and thing -- but then I get way behind on the things I'm supposed to do at the computer. Could anyone simply add about 6 hours to each day? I think I'd be able to get caught up with some things then.


I had my lap band filled yesterday and the doctor bent the needle while it was in my stomach after choosing not to use anesthesia. The needle is about 4 inches long. I wanted to take a picture of the needle for you, but that is a bit too socially inappropriate, even for me. But I razzed the doctor and told him I'd blog it. So, he BENT the NEEDLE in my stomach people!


My desk is in shambles. But then again, if I'm not here often....


ANd I'm off....


Kari said...

The needle must have hit those rock hard abs of yours and bent. Go Claudia!

Gail Underwood Parker said...

Hi there! I sympathize with your complex life,not to mention a wish for more hours in the day. BUT... I fear that if they somehow added another six hours to the day, we would almost immediately be expected to do 12 more hours of work a day! Hang in there!
Gail Underwood Parker