Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well apparently last night was the night everyone who typically breaks rules... not in big ways I guess (except one kid, he might have been partying when he was supposedly at a friends) but ten minutes late here, 15 minutes late there. And while I was up worrying about them the police came by to see if Mike was here. Apparently there is another warrant out for his arrest... It's the same nice police woman who has been here several times. I think about 4 in the past year. It was nice to see her except that this is the second time that she has visited with me in my pajamas after 11....

SO I didn't sleep all that well and now we are all getting up for church.... well, almost all of us. And it's 15 below. Yikes.

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GB's Mom said...

Quiet day here. I Appreciate it!