Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chattering teeth

My house is frrrrrreeeeeezzzzing. It seemed cold a couple days ago but I figured it was because we hadn't used the heater. So last night I cranked it and we got a big fat nothing.

It's 25 degrees out there and doesn't feel much warmer in here.

Kaaaaaaaaari!!!!!!!! Please ask mike to come over. I have to be gone all day but I don't want to come home to this.

I am suddenly in a panic about this one seemingly small but actually huge part of our move and now I'm tearing up. I don't think Kari's going to let mike move with us. What are we going to do???? We are losing our faithful and free maintenance guy. I think we are going to be perpetually surrounded by broken things and probably be cold forever.

. And. I miss my very faithful electric blanket who currently is in sunny Florida. (that would be Bart not Mike)

Now I'm almost blubbering That's what four cold hours of restless sleep will get you I'm going to go open the oven door and sit there and blubber until the kids get up.

Sound fun?

1 comment:

Kari said...

He's in the shower now but I'll ask him to head over to your house.

Don't start me crying.