Thursday, April 12, 2012

Feeling stressed? Spend 5 minutes on Facebook

I was coming here to report to you that I am incredibly stressed out -- so much so that I don't have time to tell you all the reasons why. Let's just say the last 90 minutes have been out of this world stressful....

at least I thought so until I looked at facebook for about 3 minutes and saw things that my friends are going through.

I'm saying prayers for many of my friends whose lives are harder than mine at the moment... and since I can't be that for you -- go check out facebook for 5 minutes. You might end up being grateful. Of course, if you have all kinds of friends who don't have anything bad happening to them today -- or if you have, God forbid, friends who aren't ON facebook or who don't post all their trials there, then maybe you shouldn't try it. You might feel worse.


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