Monday, April 23, 2012

OK, so Elton John was Amazing..

I don't really like concerts. They are loud and inconvenient and take a lot of energy because you have to walk up stairs and such. And my bladder never lasts through the concert so then I have to worry about interrupting everyone. Basically I am too old for concerts. But when you're BFF buys you tickets and her sexy husband is turning 40 something, you gotta go with em. And I'm actually glad I did.

Because even though I am WAY too old to go to concerts, Elton John has me by 16 years and he performed. Seriously, he PERFORMED. That man can sing and wow, can he play that piano. Straight through, no intermission from 8:00 til almost eleven. Simply amazing... the stamina was incredible. He didn't even say more than few words between songs. It was just one hit after another for nearly 3 straight hours.

Fortunately the seats weren't horribly uncomfortable, Mike dropped us off so my back survived, and my bladder lasted through the concert (a true miracle).

The seats weren't the best and the music was loud, but you just can't argue with that kinda talent. And we made memories....


Jen said...

Elton John! Very, VERY cool! So glad you got to go!

Kari said...

It was so much fun!

I'm still singing.... ♪ ♫