Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Running Hither and Yon

Today Bart and I get to hang out together doing some errands and making yet another trip to the Cities for some stuff. I love being with him, so that is always a privilege.

I'm feeling quite tired right now.... I just took some medication and hoping that will do whatever it needs to to fix my heart. I slept well, but woke up feeling like I"m in slow motion. My cardiologist called A-Fib a "nuisance disease" and it really is. Keeping things regular is annoying at best.

We were up late talking to the kids and goofing around -- used to be they would go to bed way before us, but now we are exhausted and they still want to engage with us way past our bedtime.

Wow. This blog post is boring. Our unbloggable situation may turn into a bloggable one soon and then you'll understand why I have boring blog posts lately. If it becomes bloggable that is. :-)

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