Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I Like New Things, But.....

I am a fan of change. Change tends to uproot us from old patterns and habits that might not be healthy. It takes us from one emotional place to another. Moves are especially good for that -- fresh starts, new surroundings, etc. So when it comes time for us to change churches, and thus towns, schools, doctors, therapists, psychiatrists, dentists, grocery stores, etc. etc. etc. I am often excited about the going part.

But as I keep saying, going is awesome, but leaving is awful ... but you can't have one without the other. And so the leaving and the grieving get intermixed with the excitement of change and I find myself emotionally all over the place.

We are getting ready to start a new phase of our lives. We may be moving with as few as four but no more than 7 children. Most of them are quite independent and while they need our time and energy, they don't so as much as they did several years ago. It looks like Bart and I may be able to shift our focus a bit onto something else. I'm excited to see how things evolve and what that focus might be.

But I am sad as well. So many amazing people that we have met in the past 6 years who have become such good friends. I sit in church and look around and tear up as I look around at those who have enriched our lives. And the adoption community, and the friends we have met through that here in Mankato, well, let's just say it will be hard to replace.

So I have mixed feelings -- and way too much to do to even have time to process them. so thanks for letting me take a minute to do that here.

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Unknown said...

Good luck with the move. There are so many sad things about moving, but there are good things as well. You will find a whole new group of wonderful people - best of luck to the family!