Sunday, April 29, 2012

Daughters, a Grandaughter, Girlfriends and Grand-baby-mamas

Yesterday's shower was fun. It was relaxing as Tessa's mom was in charge of most of it and it was also a wonderful reminder of how much I love the women around me.

My daughters are so beautiful. Salinda is in a difficult situation right now but she is plugging away. She's been in school full time, has been working full time, and has her own place though she and Henry don't always see eye to eye and go from sharing the place to not sharing it on a daily (hourly?) basis. She is a very patient and loving mom to Gabby. Our relationship has healed and even though we aren't as close as I would have hoped, she is kind to me and not overly dependent on us. She takes pride in taking care of herself and I applaud that kind of determination.

I just blogged about Mercedes who is rushing toward adulthood now with what seems like great speed. Even though she's only a sophomore she'll be 18 in November and testing those independent wings. But she can be absolutely delightful if you catch her at the right moment.

Courtney, Isaac's mom, who I have now decided to call my grandbabymama, but only ocassionally, is just so much fun. She and I get along great and I love her sense of humor. She actually likes me, respects me and thinks I'm smart so what's not to like about that??? She and I have a super great time together and as you know, my love for Isaac is overwhelming sometimes.

Tessa, Mike's girlfriend, and mom to yet-to-be-born AJ (Aiden Jay), and I get along well also. She is smart, fun, and reminds me of me in some ways because she is who she is. She isn't pretentious at all and I love hanging out with her, even though there have been conflicts in the past between she and Mike that have made things awkward. She is taking excellent care of herself and is going to give AJ the best start she can.

I also was surrounded by my friends Kari (showed you her butt so you can see how she is no longer my BFF (Big Fat Fanny) but my LFF (Less Fat Fanny) and her daughter Anna, Sue, and Lois who have been there for me through 3 baby showers in the past 3 years ... as well as many other ups and downs in my life.

I'm so blessed....

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