Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Details Details, my brain is overwhelmed with details...


Let me categorize them for myself and for you, in order of what might be interesting to you.

1) The House. This is a great, solid house, structurally very sturdy and has tons of space. However, the realtors looked at it yesterday and are recommending a great deal of work before we list or sell it, mostly painting and a couple areas of flooring. There is no way that we can simultaneously pack, move, and paint. I would love to sell it as is or at least find out what someone else wanted it to look like so we didn't do the stupidest thing in the world that everyone does -- which is completely redo it so that the buyer can come in and completely redo it. So, the question is this: Do I take pictures and show everyone what it looks like with our crap all in it and the painting not done? We live in Mankato, by the way, to answer a comment question, a town of about 45,000 about 80 miles SW of the Twin Cities. I could easily take pictures, but it's going to look like a place nobody wants to live with all our junk in it I fear. What would YOU do?

2) Rand. Our son Rand wants to stay in Mankato and really he should. It has taken him his whole life to feel as settled as he does right now. He has become, at his own initiative, involved in Young Life Leadership with a great group of guys his age and he loves it. He is also employed, in school, and has a lot of friends at our church here. We would love to have him stay but he really can't afford his own place. I've talked to a couple people about some options, so I won't give more details yet in case they are interested, but those details are spinning.

3) Schools for everyone. This coming school year I was supposed to have EVERYONE in the same school (Jr. High and HS are connected here) for the first time since 1999. But no. Now they are going to be everywhere. I took Leon and Sadie with me yesterday to go to the airport and look at schools and they are convinced that the high school in the district that is farthest away from the church is better. So if anyone knows anything about either Robbinsdale or Cooper High School and how they compare to each other? Also, a good charter school option for Dominyk? Lionsgate has fifteen on their waiting list for his grade so that isn't going to happen even though I hear they are awesome.

4) Job Corp. Thanks for all your input about it. I don't think that he will meet anyone who is a worse influence than his older brothers have been and so far he's been able to be his own person. I really thought in the orientation that it was a good program. Tony has his interview today and of course I cannot find his birth certificate. I've looked everywhere. I can find almost everyone elses but his. I cannot find his court paperwork for his adoption. I have every other piece of paperwork regarding him and several of his drawings from kindergarten filed neatly, but no important stuff. UGH.... So I'm taking some other stuff with me that hopefully will work.

5) Mike. He was supposed to live with us for 30 days in order to be released from prison. He was there executing time for old offenses. His discharge date is June 4, we are supposed to be ready to roll in Crystal on the 24th, and his baby is due on the 12th. I need to talk to his PO and try to figure that out.

SO.... there you have it. The top five "details" of the day that are spinning in my brain along with TONS of work related things.

Anybody have any input?


Randi said...

Having recently been through a totally unexpected and unwanted move, I know (just a bit) of what you must be going through. We did the whole moving 50% of our belongings out of the house and painting the whole thing (all 3800 sq ft of it)and it was ridiculous. No advise really, other than to keep trusting in the One who actually does have a plan in it all. Sometimes we wish He'd show it to us, huh? Praying for you and your family, my friend.

Suzy said...

I have no input, but prayers I have and will offer up for you and for solutions.

Melissa said...

Empty out as much as you can. I didn't think twice about houses that had stuff everywhere when I was buying.

Do the minimum of painting; lots of people will repaint anyways. Beige (ick) seems to be the new trend, but neutral colors seem to be OK too (white, light green).

I'm crossing my fingers for you. Moving is so stressful, but so is raising 12 kids right? :-)

Psycho Mom said...

Check out the school my kids go to. www.wmep.k12.mn.us It is a joint powers school district with two schools called FAIR School Crystal and FAIR School Downtown. The Crystal school is a 4-8 grade school and it is phenomenal! Downtown is currently all grades except 4th as it is moving to be a K-3 and 9-12 school, so they are phasing out one grade each year. Robbinsdale Schools are a member district, but it depends if they have any openings in the grades you are looking at. I love the schools. My daughter, Akila with FASD has always gone to the downtown school except now while she is in RTC. :( They have been awesome with all of her issues and very understanding (she is in 7th grade, started there in 1st grade). Class sizes are super small, biggest class my kids have ever been in is 21. Email me if you have any more questions, mabiclark@yahoo.com Is it for this school year, or when do you plan to be up here by? Also, I have done FASD trainings in the health classes at Armstrong High each quarter this year, that is a good sign!

Deb said...

Hi, Claudia

We have lived in the Robbinsdale District for many years. We have experience with both Cooper and Armstrong. One of our sons is at. High school charter school in Brooklyn Park. Feel free to email me for more info.

My kids also went to preschool at your new church many any years ago. We visited the church when we were searching for a new church home. I'm sure if you had been there we would have felt far more welcome!

Deb Reisner

Cody Lee said...

Um...don't paint the living room school bus yellow? (That's the color mine was when I moved in.)

Other than that, I can only tell you that it will all work out in the end.

abrianna said...

Don't you have some children that will be seniors for the 2012-2013 school year? How do they feel about being the new kids in school their senior year?

Lindy said...

As far as uncluttering...... They have they POD system where they drop off the POD,you fill it with your stuff and they store it and then move it to your new location. It makes things much,much less stress full. A lot of different companies have the PODs now,so it pays to shop around. Other than getting the house and yard very clean,fixing obvious eye sores and maybe touching up paint,I would hesitate to put money into your house to sell it. You can aways offer a flooring allowence. I would have at least 3 different Realtors come in and eyeball it before you list it. If it doesn't sell, can you be the bank and owner-fi? Is there the equivillent of land contract or contract for deed in your state? There is risk involved but it can turn out well and you don't have commission fees. You could also lease it as a last resort. I would get a professional property manager if you go that way. Moving sucks.

Lisa said...


I have had kids in the Robbinsdal district for 15 years. With experiences at Cooper and RMS. For my 2 oldest, securely attached, compliant bio daughters it has been a wonderful experience.

My son with attachment/behavior issues on the other hand....Let's just say Beacon Academy (k-8) charter school in Maple Grove is a good choice. There is free busing and Brunswick Church just happens to be a bus stop.

We did bring my son back in the district for Middle school and are regretting it. Response when I said a punishment did not fit the crime and it was going to cause more harm than good. "I do not care what a child's situation is when I discipline (they operate on punishment)

Neither of his sisters believes he should be heading to Cooper for high school. That school is heading in a not so good direction overall right now.

feel free to contact me lisa@krause-family.com