Wednesday, April 11, 2012

if You're Worried about me...

don't be. I got distracted and forgot to blubber. I did sit by the oven for a bit. Now I'm in my warm office trying to get work done.

Just so you know, I can never blubber for long even when I do start to cry. It bores me and so I tire of it quickly and move on.

I'm sure I'll have many more blubbering moments, but I know that good things and people lie ahead and that I will add them to my life-long list of wonderful friendships while still retaining the ones with folks we're leaving behind.

It's just the tunnel that gets us from here to there -- all the work, all the goodbyes, and yes, all the tears that I dread.

Once I'm to the other side it will all be okay.

wow.... that's a great metaphor for life too, isn't it?

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