Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chaos Inside and Out or I really need to slow down

My inner life is in turmoil -- head spinning consistently, and now the world outside my head is getting the same way. I can't find anything. My office is a disaster. I lost my phone this morning, took me forever to find it. I forgot to wake up Wilson. Clothes aren't put away at all and nobody can find anything. I ended up deciding Dunn Brothers would be the place for me to calm down and sort things out, plus Kari asked me to come. But now I don't have my cord and I'm doubting God is interested in extending my battery life -- bigger things on His plate. So I have about 45 minutes and then I"ll be heading home to get the cord before I leave for a visit....

I really need to get my act together.

I told Dominyk and Wilson this morning since they were not at supper last night. Wilson said, "Cool!" And Dominyk said, "That IS cool. I've never been an uncle before. ... have I?"

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