Saturday, May 23, 2009

Why Ain'tcha Bloggin?

I just got an email from Cindy and that is all that it said. Those three words.

Answer? I haven't had time! I pulled the kids out of bed at 7:30 and made them help me outside. We worked until about 11 at which point I had had enough. The kids who would work were doing great-- which was actually most of them, but Tony, who would not work, and Dominyk who had to have a complete meltdown every hour when working, finally wore me out. I went drain shopping with Mike (of Mike and Kari) and then came home, had lunch and left to get Bart from the airport. We got home and soon left for a wild meal with Mike and Kari and now we are back and I am finally sitting down for more than 15 minutes....

I took Dominyk, Jimmy, and Wilson with me to get Bart and we had an interesting ride on the way back. Jimmy's lack of intellect is sometimes so entertaining. Today, Dominyk was telling us about his trip to the Capitol and told us that there are several hidden Ms in the place. The conversation went like this.

Dominyk: There are hidden Ms all over the capitol.

Bart: Does it stand for Maryland?

Dominyk: Minnesota

Bart: Massachusetts?

Dominyk: Minnesota!!

Bart: Michigan?

Dominyk: Minnesota!!!!

Bart: Montana?

Dominyk? MINNESOTA!!!!

Jimmy: Atlanta?


Jimmy also explained to Bart how Rand probably had his tums. "He had heartburns. He always gets anxiety and then he gets a heartburn.


And finally, I repeated a story to Bart from the trip up when Jimmy said, "Mom, thanks for doing such a great job of picking a Dad for us. He is the best Dad I've ever seen.

And Wilson piped in, "You coulda saved that for Father's Day."

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