Monday, May 18, 2009

Choices, Choices

This morning my husband is flying to Atlanta for a week. Today is a day where I have to make a choice. Not many parents have these kinds of opportunities facing them all in the same day.

I can choose to attend a court hearing for Criminal Sexual Conduct charges with my 18 year old son or attend a doctor's appointment with my 16 year old daughter to determine whether or not I am a grandmother.

What a smorgasbord of opportunity! I will go with my daughter because even though she didn't tell me her news first, she is speaking to me and reaching out at least a tiny bit. My son had one phone call -- he called the manager of the group home that he walked away from instead of me. He left and moved in with the 15 year old girl against my wishes, begging, and pleading. And even though my daughter has been having "the talk" frequently for 9 years and was bought two "promise" rings (she lost the first one) by her parents as she committed to no sex before marriage, we're still in this position.

But having to choose over one who is speaking to me and one who isn't -- I'll go with the one who is speaking to me.

Besides, court is two hours from here and the doctor's appointment is right here in town.



Jerolyn Bogear said...

Oh, Claudia, I am so sorry for the burdens you carry. It seems like you are bombarded with brokenness every day. I'll pray for wisdom and unconditional love to fill you today.

Torina said...

Well, whatever happens, I hope you are all okay.

I was telling my husband about your Black Friday and he agreed that it made our weekend seem pretty tame, so thank you for that LOL

I love your attitude.

Linda up north said...

Oh the suspense... are you, or are you not?

Barb in No. WI said...

Reading along. Hoping the "negative thoughts" were helpful today.