Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Been Missing that Salinda Drama?

I bet you have. I haven't, but I bet you have. It's good reading.

Today she wants to transfer schools. A big long text argument from who knows where during her lunch break. I think I'm just going to let her. She refuses to take direction and the more I insist the harder she'll fight. It would be a bad decision to go back to her old school, but it beats dropping out or running away or any of all the other stuff she'll threatening to do.

But the bottom line is it will make my life easier in a way to have her back at school with all the others. What she doesn't understand is that internal change is the only thing that is going to fix her.

I read a great story once about a kid who was running from place to place trying to hide from a monster. And he went and hid in a closet and locked the doors. And then he realized that he had locked himself inside with the monster, because the monster was inside of him.

That's Salinda. Her inner monsters won't go away, no matter where she goes..... and she is convinced that if she just finds the right place then they will go away.

Mike always believed that too.



Torina said...

I do that, too. I always imagine that if I move somewhere else or get a different job or whatever, it will all be better. Life will be better. It takes a LONG time to learn that it doesn't. I am still learning that.

Linda B. said...

That's something I tried teaching DQ, but with no luck. Torina's comment reminded me how I used to do that too. We moved every 1-2 yrs as a kid and I always thought to myself with this move I'm going to be different. Nah, it didn't work.

Mary said...

Yup. My 13-year-old is the same way. And I used to be too. It's one of those things that only time and life can help us realize. And that doesn't help moms who want to spare our children that heartache.