Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Devil is in the Details

Well, I'm in Atlanta. My suitcase, however, is who knows where... and let's just say our friend Murphy has been applying his law all over the place.

i still don't know where my luggage is. I need to call Delta. But i was in a hurry to get on the shuttle and apaprently the guys in Jackson Hole, Wyoming decided not to put half the luggage on a flight from there because the plane was too heavy. So the line at the Baggage Service was so long, and my shuttle was waiting, so I just skipped it and decided I'd call and then check in the morning when I go to rent my car.

So I got to the hotel to check in and I was at the wrong hotel. But since there were two Hiltons with similar names, the shuttle driver just went ahead and gave me a ride here.

And fortunately there's a gift shop with food items and toiletries that I probably just paid $30 for .... because with no clean underwear I was fortunate enough to receive a surprise a few days early.....

And I arrived here planning to blog about this but Bart beat me to it.

But it could be worse. Much worse. I could be without my laptop.

As long as I've got my Mac, life's good....

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