Sunday, January 04, 2009

Exactly What do you Say to a Drama King Extraordinnaire

Five times this Christmas break Tony has broken something and needed immediate medical attention... preferably the E.R. or admission to a hospital room -- in his opinion of course. He'll never move that part of his body again. Long intense crying fits, filled with curse words and accusations.....

and within 20 minutes of the occurrence it's completely fine.

He's almost 14 and the screaming accusatory sobbing fits whenever he as much as stubs his toe (which is basically what happens tonight) have gotten me to the point of extreme cynicism. I can't really be sensitive and caring when he is cussing me out and throwing things at me...... and I know that the pain will be forgotten in a few minutes.

Anybody else ever feel not so nurturing?


Angela :-) said...

Um, yeah. I don't know if I should admit it or not, though. lol We had one in the ER Friday for an 8 cm gash to his head. Yup, peeled the skin back to his skull. Cried the same as when his younger sister takes a toy from him, or he bites his tongue, or he bumps his hand on the table as he walks by. One of our kids who we are ALWAYS telling to slow down & pay attention. Be careful. Hard for me to be nurturing in such instances, especially when we come home & he's running headlong up the stairs almost right away.

Our Family said...

This past year J has had:
Osteo Ferocious
A pulled hamster string
Fever splinter(blister)
Vaginal Yeast Infection and needed some "Monostrap"
Brain tumor
cancer on his penis
Bit lip
Bruised arm from being hit by his brother(he provoked his brother)
A cold that of course was pnuemonia
and so on and so on

ALL of which HE never had!! He hears things and decided he had that "disease"

Oh and question for do you feed a breast?
(after reading an ad for breastfeeding classes)

He was wondering if he needed to feed his???

Yeah....uh..we get a bit cynical

Torina said...

Yeah, I am totally cynical. Usually my first response if Tara cries out, is "For Real?" because you know, someone may have just looked at her in a way that "hurt", or brushed against her SLEEVE, or bumped into her softly as they walked past her, or it could be a hangnail, a tag on her shirt that she suddenly feels, or her socks...OR it could be her arm is gushing blood or she cut off the tip of her finger or she has a headache...all reactions are the same.

I think I am going to call in to work tomorrow cause I feel a bad case of "Osteo Ferocious" coming on ;-) LOL

Our Family said...

I think so and then I am going to feed my breasts!!! (-;

This morning, he has a brain tumor because when he gets mad his head hurts!! Oh my.....

I forgot to mention that S always gets "Sick" before a test and now that he is in Jr high...that is quite frequent!

What is this hypochondria??????

tbirdonawire said...

Oh boy howdy yes!

Daughter called from RTF last night in crisis. She AWOL'd but stayed on campus because, get this, one of the staff yelled at her when she wasn't doing anything. She just couldn't handle it and had to run away. I asked her if she got punished (before running). No. Did they beat her. No. I told her that I wasn't giving her the pity party she wanted. My new saying to her now is "So WHAT?" The girls called you a bad name (oh, she milks this one to the max). "So WHAT?" You got yelled at when you didn't do anything. "So WHAT?" If they beat you or the ceiling crashes on top of you give me a call. Otherwise, learn to deal with it!

Part of her diagnosis is BPD. No wonder.


lskimberly said...

Heavens above! I thought I was the only one asking, "Is this fake or is this real?"

Hannah_Rae said...

My future daughter has some doosies too...but unfortunatley that led to the staff at her group home not recognizing a broken collar bone for almost TWO WEEKS! She landed hard while snow boarding (not the most coordinated kid anyway) and was complaining that her shoulder hurt. They just thought she was "being Anna", but she actually had a severely broken collar bone. Big whoops. Especially, when I asked the night it happened if they had checked it out, and they told me she would be fine, that she was just "being Anna". So how do you tell? I don't know, but the big bump of a displaced collar bone should tell you SOMETHING!