Friday, January 09, 2009

So I wake up this morning...

Delete my junk mail and I'm back to 140. SIgh.

I have to take a break from it as well because John is having an IEP meeting. After being told for a couple years that he would graduate this month, his new school is now saying he might not even graduate by the end of the year -- they are declaring he is short on credits. This is a kid who HATES school and has been forced, because of residential treatment, group homes, etc. to go every summer of his high school and now they aren't counting the credits.

So I will spend four hours in the car today with his case manager (who I have a blast with at least) to go and attempt to persuade the school to be creative and have some compassion. Otherwise I am tempted to find a school that will and transfer him, though that would be a tragedy -- since he has never had success in public school before.

So that is my morning. And while I wait, people all over the country will be sending me email after email, flowing into my box. But at least I won't know it.

I"m taking my laptop to work on a couple reports while we drive.... so at least I won't feel completely unproductive. And I'll have my Iphone so I can delete emails -- and even answer a few if necessary ....

Stay tuned. I know you'll be so interested to find out how many emails are in my box by the time I get home at noon.

(Ok, so sarcasm doesn't transfer well in written form).

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Mom in MN said...

I got my work inbox down to less than 1000 today...I need to archive some of them that I need.